Island Irrigation Services, Design, Installation and Maintenance, Salt Spring Island, Victoria and RegionPop-up sprinkler system installed in new garden

We design, install and maintain all types of Irrigation Systems for garden and landscape settings

A professionally installed irrigation system is an essential part of maintaining your investment in your garden.  Intelligently designed, an irrigation system keeps your plants healthy, saving you time and money, and adds value to your property.

We advise you on the most suitable system with the aim of conserving water and providing the best  environment for plants to thrive throughout the year.

We are a Member of the Irrigation Industry  Association of B.C.  By hiring us, you are assured your irrigation system will be competently installed by a trained irrigation technician with knowledge of the latest technology and products.

Our services do not stop there!  Your garden irrigation may be installed as a standalone project or combined with additional water features, ponds, lakes, streams, waterfalls. Telephone or send an email about any aspect of water or drainange management in your garden. on any aspect of water or drainage management in your garden.  We will be pleased to help!

Island Irrigation Services
Design, Installation and Maintenance Salt Spring Island,
Victoria and Region


● Landscape and Lawn Drip Systems
● Efficient Shrub Spray Systems
● Pop-ups and Rotors
● Lawn Irrigation
● Landscape Pop up Sprinklers
● Irrigation Controllers
● Filtration and Bio-filters
● Rainwater Harvesting and  Storage
● Rain Gardens
● Automated Watering Systems
● Irrigation scheduling using IIABC calculators

Swimpond design and installation
● Qualified Installation
All work fully insured and guaranteed!

"The goal for us is to offer a superior Island irrigation service that promotes water, soil and energy conservation practices with cost effective and efficient irrigation systems"
Andrew Lewis, Certified Irrigation Technician and Member, Irrigation Industry Association of BC (IIABC)
Free initial consultation for irrigation systems installed on Salt Spring Island
Logo of the Irrigation Industry Association of B.C.
IIABC sets the standards for the Irrigation Industry in B.C.
The American Rainwater Conservation Association


Close-up of a water droplet reflecting light. Watering is essential for all plants, especially fruit and vegetables

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